Selling your home before buying a new property

In an ideal world, It would be so easy if you could sell your current home at the same time as buying a new one. Most homeowners will
eventually have to make an important decision whether to sell their home first or to buy first.

Potential positive points when selling before buying:
• Negotiating a delayed settlement will give you time to buy another property and potentially move into the new place before settling your
original property.
• Reduced pressure to achieve the sale before a certain deadline.
• You may avoid the expense of bridging finance
• You will have a clear spending limit for your new home

Some negative points when selling before buying:
• Your dream home may not be immediately available on the market and will pressure you to move out and rent for a short term with the
added expense and hassle of having to relocate twice.
• You may not able to find the dream home for the right price.

Whether you’re looking to buy before selling or sell before buying, we’ll assist you by weighing up both options and make this process hassle free.

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